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Infertility Specialist in Davis California

California IVF: Davis Fertility Clinic is now open for patients in the Sacramento and Davis area. The clinic offers a very convenient location for patients in Northern California including Dixon, Woodland, Vacaville, Fairfield, Napa, Lodi, and Vallejo. Our infertility specialist, Dr. Zeringue, is a fellowship trained reproductive endocrinologist with expertise in all areas of infertility and reproductive endocrinology. Special interest areas include insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia, IVF, myomectomies, and tubal reversals.

To learn more about our clinic and staff, please select the About Us link in the navigation bar to the right.

We offer free information sessions! This gives you the opportunity to learn more about us before spending any money. Infertility can be stressful and frustrating. Getting help with fertility treatments should not be stressful. We strive to create a family-like atmosphere. Your satisfaction is one of our top priorities. Call today to set up your free information session.

If you are looking for and infertility doctor that takes time with patients and provides individualized and compassionate care, you have found the right place. Doctor Zeringue is committed to maintaining a high level of patient satisfaction through education programs, easy accessibility, and efficient treatment plans. He is a fellowship trained infertility specialist, and recently completed a tour as the division director of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Travis Air Force Base, California. Dr. Zeringue opened California IVF: Davis Fertility Center in November of 2004 with a goal of achieving unprecedented patient satisfaction as well as a successful fertility clinic.

Our IVF lab is a state of the art modern clean room with an advanced filtration system which provides one of the cleanest environment for embryo culture. Our team of highly trained embryologists are dedicated to providing the latest in culture, freezing, and storage techniques. Our modern equipment includes closely monitored and alarmed incubators, cryotanks, heated microscopes, and cryopreservation equipment. Embryo security and identity are paramount and a redundant system of checks and balances prevent embryo mix-ups or mistakes. Breakthrough technologies are evaluated for safety and implemented if they are thought to help women become pregnant and have a baby. California IVF: Davis Fertility Center's infertility team is dedicated to providing professional, compassionate, and ethical care in a relaxed and family-like atmosphere for infertile couples seeking fertility solutions.







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California IVF: Davis Fertility Center.  Providing infertility and IVF services to the Sacramento and Roseville area.  Services include IVF, inseminations - IUI, male and female infertility, PGD, ICSI, and much more.