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Shared Cost - Risk Sharing Pricing

Shared cost, or risk shared pricing is a way to offset the high cost of in vitro fertilization treatments. Under a shared cost, or risk share option, patients will pay more than they would for a single cycle of IVF, but have the option to undergo more than one treatment for limited additional cost if the first treatment is unsuccessful. Shared cost pricing, or risk shared plans may also include a 100% refund to select individuals. Careful evaluation of these plans is necessary as patients risk paying too much for treatments if they don't fully understand their cost or risk options.

California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc. has several pricing plans available including a cost share or risk price option. We no longer have the IVF refund plan (50/65) plan or the 100% refund plan because this program had the potential to place patients at high risk of sharing costs that were no proportional to their needs. The 2 cycle option allows you to share the risk of paying more for the first cycle while providing a discount if a second treatment is needed. With the two cycle cost sharing plan, you purchase 2 complete IVF treatments and up to 6 frozen embryo transfer cycles for the cost of a single treatment. There are no age limits or other qualifications that are often associated with refund plans. This helps to make it clear how much treatment will cost without the risk of high cost and hidden fees. This is an aggressive package designed to give you several attempts at a discount rate. Medications and outside costs are not included.

Learn more about our IVF pricing options

The two cycle ivf program offers affordable alternatives to the cost of single cycle IVF pricing. We are happy to discuss the different options in detail if you have any questions. If you compare this to may risk sharing programs you will find that this plan is very cost effective. The cost of multiple treatments are shared. Risk of overpayment during a successful pregnancy can be overcome by the savings encountered with the second treatment. Because our treatment pricing is inclusive, most patients can be given a relatively accurate estimate of their costs. Feel free to call us to talk about financial options. You will often find our clinic much more cooperative and easy to understand compared to other clinics.

We also offer complete infertility evaluations for a package price to help off set the sometimes high cost of IVF. California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc. is a Sacramento area clinic offering treatment for all types of infertility. We specialize in helping women with irregular periods or other problems associated with ovulation. Many treatment options exist for women with endometriosis, including laparoscopic surgery. Intrauterine inseminations following ovulation induction as well as in vitro fertilization are common infertility treatments. We also offer advanced micro manipulative procedures such as preimplantation genetic diagnosis PGD, genetic testing for gender selection (let's you pick a boy or girl) and intra cytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI. Assisted hatching offers another kind of advanced reproductive treatment that we utilize in helping women become pregnant.



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