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California Infertility Treatment

Our services include complete infertility evaluations and treatment. We specialize in helping women with irregular periods or other problems associated with ovulation. Many treatment options exist for women with endometriosis, including laparoscopic surgery. Intrauterine inseminations following ovulation induction as well as in vitro fertilization are common infertility treatments. We also offer advanced micro manipulative procedures such as preimplantation genetic diagnosis PGD, and intra cytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI. Assisted hatching offers another kind of advanced reproductive treatment that we utilize in helping women become pregnant.

Our IVF lab is a state of the art modern clean room with an advanced filtration system which provides one of the cleanest environment for embryo culture. Our team of highly trained embryologists are dedicated to providing the latest in culture, freezing, and storage techniques. Our modern equipment includes closely monitored and alarmed incubators, cryotanks, heated microscopes, and cryopreservation equipment. Embryo security and identity are paramount and a redundant system of checks and balances prevent embryo mix-ups or mistakes. Breakthrough technologies are evaluated for safety and implemented if they are thought to help women become pregnant and have a baby. California IVF: Davis Fertility Center's infertility team is dedicated to providing professional, compassionate, and ethical care in a relaxed and family-like atmosphere for infertile couples seeking fertility solutions.

Our clinic is recognized as being receptive and open to gay and lesbian couples. We offer our full range of professional services to all patients regardless of their gender identity or sexual preferences. Same sex couples are most often interested in donor sperm inseminations. In the setting of male couples, donor eggs and gestational carriers, or surrogates are most often used to have a baby. Traditional surrogacy is not offered due to the potential legal challenges with parental rights. We welcome you to contact our clinic to find out more about our services.

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Free Infertility and IVF Information
Refund Plan & Financing

Free information sessions and seminars are available. Infertility treatment financing is available to help reduce the cost burden of treatments. Financial options include refund plans, 2 cycle plans, and a 100% refund option. Our free information session is an excellent way to get started. Learn more about our clinic, infertility or IVF treatment options, and pricing. Patients may opt for direct consultations with our infertility doctor instead. Let us know how we may help you.

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California IVF: Davis Fertility Center.  Providing infertility and IVF services to the Sacramento and Roseville area.  Services include IVF, inseminations - IUI, male and female infertility, PGD, ICSI, and much more.